Books about the USS Corry (DD-463)

CORRY: A D-Day Survivor's Stories About the Destroyer that Led the Normandy Invasion 
by Kevin McKernon

2003  Easy Rudder Press   208 pages, 56 photos/maps/images including Corry in action on D-Day

The stories of Corry Chief Radio Technician Francis "Mac" McKernon as told to youngest son, author Kevin McKernon.

A personal, eyewitness account of the Corry in action on D-Day from leading the invasion armada across the English Channel,  to heavy front-line action at Utah Beach, to the sinking of the Corry and survival in the frigid 54-degree water under constant enemy shelling until rescue some two hours later. Includes Corry U-boat action from March 1944. Also loaded with earlier anecdotal stories about life aboard ship during the war -- the many  things destroyer men do while a war is being fought. Contains logs and reports from ships nearest to the Corry on D-Day, invasion maps, and Corry anti-submarine warfare logs from March 1944, including sinking of German submarine U-801 by Corry.

Utah Beach: The Amphibious Landing And Airborne Operations On D-Day, June 6, 1944 -
by Joseph Balkoski

2005 Stackpole Books   pgs. 213-216, 323

Gives account of Corry in action on D-Day.   Details the controversy over artillery vs. mine as cause of sinking of USS Corry.

Neptunus Rex - Naval Stories of the Normandy Invasion   Edited by Edward F. Prados

1998   Presidio Press    pgs. 44-45,   50-58,   74

Includes D-Day account by Corry Dr. Howard A. Andersen - Saving Lives on a Sinking Ship.

The Longest Day    by Cornelius Ryan 

1959  Simon and Schuster    pgs. 37-40,   65,   70,   233-236,   281

Gives account of the Corry crossing the English Channel, leading convoy to France,
and account of the Corry in Action on D-Day, and sinking.

Destroyers in Action  by Richard A. Shafter

1945  Cornell Maritime Press    pgs. 133-141

Gives account of the Corry in Action on D-Day, and sinking.

Invasion - They're Coming!  The German Account of the D-Day Landings and the 80 Days' Battle for France   by Paul Carell 

( 1960 - originally in the German by Gerhard Stalling Verlag entitled Sie Komen!)

Soft cover 1964 published in English by Bantam Publishing
Hard cover 1995 as Invasion! They're Coming!  - Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Reference to the Corry in 1960 translation by E. Osers is on page 119 under sub-chapter heading "Duel with the Navy,"  and in 1995 translation by David Johnston, reference to the Corry is on page 125 under sub-chapter "Duel with the Fleet." Tells of German Saint-Marcouf shore battery's 210-millimeter guns scoring direct hit on the Corry amidships between the bridge and forward smokestack.

Assault on Normandy: First-Person Accounts from the Sea Services  Edited by Paul Stillwell

1994  United States Naval Institute   pgs. 38, 99, 104

Includes accounts of Corry in action on D-Day, and sinking.

Blood on the Sea: American Destroyers Lost in World War II    by Robert Sinclair Parkin  

1995  Spellmount Publishers    pgs. 214-220

Gives account of the Corry in Action on D-Day, and sinking.

D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II     by Stephen Ambrose

1994  Simon and Schuster    pgs. 266-267

Gives account of the Corry in Action on D-Day, and sinking. 

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