USS Corry (DD-463)

Last page of Corry Loss of Ship Report


From the front page onward, the final official loss of ship report for the Corry states outright several times that the Corry struck a mine. Only on the last page of the report, however, does it clarify that the basis for the mine is speculation because of the strong concussion effect that occurred when the ship was hit (it implies that heavy artillery projectiles exploding amidships at point blank range would not have caused a strong concussion effect). Initial battle reports detail that a salvo of two or three heavy caliber artillery projectiles detonated in the forward fire room and forward engine room (engineering spaces) below the water level and caused the sinking (shellfire damage to the port side of the Corry, which was facing the shore.) The last page of the official report does not mention what type of shells hit the ship, but declares the shellfire that hit (salvo of heavy caliber projectiles) as having caused "merely incidental damage" to the Corry

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Page 4 of the official report, item (10), indicates that firing was to port (Corry's port side was facing the shore) 

Page 7 of the official report, under Damage effects item (1), states that mine detonated on the Corry's starboard side between the forward fire room and engine room. (Starboard side was facing to seaward) 


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concussion effect
of a salvo of heavy
caliber projectiles.




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