USS CORRY (DD-463) -

Reports for Operation "Leader" -
The Air Raid on Bodo, Norway by planes
from the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger (CV-4)

Planes took off from the Ranger
just after 0615 a.m.  4 October 1943.

Below: USS Corry War Diary Report for 4 October 1943

Below: Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger (CV-4) Report
With Names of Missing in Action from Air Raid


Below Report of Air Raid Results:
Names of Ships Sunk, Destroyed, and Damaged
by USS Ranger planes, with tonnage
(in Norwegian, with English)
(Note name of destroyed steam ship "La Plata" - photos below)

View below map for locations of ships named in report.

Steamship La Plata destroyed by planes from USS Ranger

Special thanks to USS Corry shipmate Forrest Garchow
for providing copies of Operation "Leader" records.


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