National Archives picture from 1940s magazine.

Additional photo of USS Corry with camouflage paint used earlier in the war.

Corry bow plunge - riding North Atlantic waves - October 10, 1943
Photos: G. Chehames

Lieutenant Commander George Dewey Hoffman,
3rd and final commanding officer of USS Corry

Lieutenant Commander George Dewey Hoffman,
takes command of the USS Corry in November, 1943.

Read September 1945 Newspaper Article
on LCMDR George Dewey Hoffman

Corry entering Iceland 1943

Iceland 1943 - Gun crew cleaning Gun 2 

Gun crew cleaning Gun 2 - Close-up - Recognize anybody?


Corry in port, Iceland 1943 - Clearing ice off guns

Corry in port, Iceland 1943 - Forecastle watch


Aboard USS Corry, LT(jg) Arthur Chechames
taking a bearing on aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-4).
Photo: G. Chehames

Task Force 22 - USS Hobson (DD-464) at a distance, seen from USS Corry
February 1943  
      Photo: G. Chehames

P-40 fighters seen from USS Corry off the Gold Coast, Africa - February 1943.
Photo: G. Chehames 



Bill Costello (left) and other sailor 

Punchy Grool and Red Brantley at Jack Dempsey Restaurant.
New York City

Stanley Neznik 

Stanley Neznik 

Stanley Neznik 

Stanley Neznik and friends 

Corry Fire Control men 1943

Corry Ordnance Division men 
with some Fire Control men 1943

Corry Radar Men 1943
Top: Wheat, McHugh, McKernon, McCreary, Poyer, Tate
Bottom: Walsh, Hubert, Larmon, Passante, Warren

Howard Andersen, MD - Ship's Doctor

Bill Finch at navy boot camp

Finch, Woodby, Davis

LT(jg) Norman Bensman

Corry signalman on the light

Jayich in NY right after WWII. 


                                       Corry Officers 1943
Gossling,  Vanelli,  Bensman,  Hoffman (XO),  Ensey (CO),  Burgess,  Stunzi,  Baldridge
              Painter,  Garay,  Wheat,  Leffer,  Lindh,  Chechames
                                      Parrott,  Roberts,  Tate

                                   Corry Chiefs 1942
Top: G. Respess (CMM), F. Roberts (CMM), A. Congdon (CFC), C. Burgess (CPhM), J. Ray (CBM)
Middle: V. Redding (CEM), R. Humston (CRT), C. Bowers (CMM), R. Rinesmith (CTM)
Bottom: J. Blick (CSK), J. Taylor (CWT), D. McClain (CWT), C. Willis (CCStd.)


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