29th Annual USS Corry (DD-463) Reunion - Parkersburg, WV
October 10 - 13, 2002

Corry shipmates

Back row:
Grant Gullickson, Sandy McKay, Bernie Velutti, B. C. Mills (slightly in front of Bernie)
 John Vozel, Harold Stanfield, Charlie Evans, Moe Vestutti, Elmer Maurer, Red Brantley
Middle Row: Dr. Andersen, Larry Doak, Richard Cron, Orrin Tovson, Forrest Garchow
Front Row: Chet Furtek, Marvin McGiboney, John Logan, Tom Groot, Bill Beat.

Back row:
Jerry Mills, Terry Mckay, Mildred McGiboney, Irene Vozel, Shirley Stanfield, Evelyn Stauts,
 Rose Vestutti, Barbara Neese, Julie Groot, Cecelia Tovson, Pauline Doak, Phyllis Fiordelisi

Front Row:
Carol Cron, Rose Velutti, Dot Nealy, Nancy Furtek, Shellie Hudson, Florence Logan.

Corry guests

Moe Vestuti and Red Brantley with framed June 2002 cover of National Geographic
magazine with Corry D-Day flag on it. (40 million readers worldwide!)

Forrie Garchow (right) and son Rick

Kevin McKernon, Grant Gullickson (Gully), Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan

Kevin McKernon, Red Brantley, Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan

Day Trip -- Blennerhasset Mansion (Blennerhasset Island) -- Ohio River

Forrie Garchow (right), Bernie Velluti on Ohio River paddle wheel steamer

 Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan, Carolyn Fogg, Kevin McKernon

Tom Brantley, Moe Vestuti, Elmer Maurer

Steve McIntire, Kevin McKernon, Bob McIntire

Kevin McKernon, Moe Vestuti, Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan

Red Brantley, John Logan

Kevin McKernon, BC Mills, Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan

Dr. Andersen, Bob Andersen, Kevin McKernon, Dick Andersen

Mary Ann (McKernon) Ryan, Bill Beat, Kevin McKernon


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