30th Annual USS Corry (DD-463) Reunion - Myrtle Beach, SC
October 9 - 12, 2003


Corry Shipmates

Corry Wives

Corry Kids

All Corry Guests

Dr. Andersen and Dick Andersen

Charles and Opal Rich

John Logan and Orrin Tovson

Sandy McKay, Lucas, John Vozel, Chet Furtek

Chet Furtek, Larry Doak

? and BC Mills


Fiordelisi's and Banuelos's

Kevin McKernon, Mary Ann Ryan
(son and daughter of Corry Chief Radio Technician Francis "Mac" McKernon)

Mary Ann Ryan, John Bardes, Gloria Bardes
John Bardes served aboard the destroyer USS Fitch (DD-462)
and he rescued many Corry survivors in the Fitch's whaleboat

Al Brantley, Betsy Brantley, Red Brantley, ?, Tom Brantley

Bill Beat and wife

Larry Doak, Red Brantley

Gully with his sister

John Vozel, Elmer Maurer, Shirley Stanfield, Harold Stanfield

Dr. Andersen, Gully

Bob McIntire, Forrie Garchow, Jeff Garchow

Marvin McGiboney and Chet Furtek

Moe Vestuti and Red Brantley

Forrie Garchow, Red Brantley, Bernie Velluti, John Logan

Debbie Doak, Tom Brantley, Bob McIntire

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